The Founding of Rome

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urgh sources

livy was born in pauda (northern italy) in either 64/59 bce. he didn't concentrate on politics unlike everyone else in rome @ the time and wrote stuff instead, like the history of rome.

he lived through a lot of stuff, like the civil war, caesar's death, antony's rise to power, the battle of actium, octavian becoming emperor augustus and the begininning of the empire. 

livy is useless as a good source of real history. he said he copied from other ppl who were probably wrong, his writings were better as poetry than fact, and he didn't bother getting rid of what wasn't true- like roman gods on earth.

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Aeneas' birth, Aeneas+ Troy, The fall of Troy

his mum was venus and his dad was the mortal anchises. and his name was aeneas, which is different to aneas which is an irish name which if ur irish too i'm sure u didn't know. (also, it means ✨praiseworthy✨. i wouldn't praise smn for naming their baby that)

he was trojan, and fought + survived the 10 year war.

after the greeks attacked with the horse, aeneas fled troy with his dad anchises, wife creusa and son ascanius. and the public penates. (special religious stuff of a city)

but then he lost his wife and DIDN'T EVEN REALISE until she appeared as a ghost and told him that she had been killed by the greeks.

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The wanderings of Aeneas

Right, so he goes from Troy (which is in turkey) to macedon (greece, kind of) to sicily, to the west coast of italy. 

once in italy he had a massive battle with a local tribe. then he made peace with king latinius.. of the latins. then he gets married again to lavinia and he founds a city,

also aeneas was very pietas. it was being dutiful but MORE than just dutiful is was ✨vv dutiful✨

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The importance of Aeneas to Rome

Aeneas didn't found Rome but his son Ascanius founded a city called Alba Longa which is where Romulus and Remus were from.

and also at the time of livy writing it, augustus was emperor and he said he was aeneas' ancestor, but i don't think he was. i also don't think aeneas existed...

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The True Founding of Rome

RIght so romulus and remus were the twin brothers of rhea silvia, numitor (king of alba longa and a good guy)'s daughter and mars.

numitor's evil brother was amulius who threw the babies into the rviver, the babies got raised by a wolf and sheperds than they overthrew amulius, put numitor back on the alba longian throne.

they both wanted to found a city but only 1 could, romulus got to found the city and romulus kills remus to death the end rome is founded!!!

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