Teleological Argument Mind Map

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  • The Teleological Argument
    • Arguments FOR
      • Plato and Aristotle
        • Universal Truth
          • Plato: Form World
          • Aristotle: Four Causes
      • Thomas Aquinas
        • 'From the Governance of the World
        • Intelligence of Beings
      • William Paley
        • The 'watch and universe' analogy
      • Anthropic Argument
        • The world supports human life
        • The world can be rationally analysed
        • Evolution is parts of God's plan
      • Aesthetic Principle
        • F.R Tennant
          • Beauty is everywhere, but it cannot be explained through scientific or evolutionary need. Something else must explain it = God
    • Arguments AGAINST
      • David Hume
        • Analogies that compare natural and mechanical are weak
        • Order in the universe doesn't mean a designer
        • Just because some elements of the universe are designed doesn't mean the whole universe is
        • It is likely there are many designers, and not just one God
        • The Problem of Evil
        • The universe is more natural than mechanical
      • Natural Selection
        • The world came to be through random chance directed by natural selection
        • Evolution is a cruel and violent proves, which doesn't concur with an amnibenevolant God
      • Immanuel Kant
        • 1) We live in a spacio-temporal world, and can only experience the world in the phenomenal realm
        • 2) God exists in the noumenal realm, and so any attempt prove Him is illogical


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