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Everything you need to know!!
· Genesis 1 · Compatibility
· Darwin · John Polkinghorne
· ToE impact on · Creationism
Christianity · Intelligent Design
· Evolution · Irreducible Complexity
· Big Bang · Michael Behe
· Dawkins…read more

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Can science and religion be
compatible?…read more

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Some people argue,
and many people
assume that scientific
empiricism and
religious faith are
· A scientist values the
knowledge gained
through sense
experience- Dawkins
argues that it is the
only kind of
knowledge!!…read more

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· If scientists are willing to accept different
types of knowledge.
· It is only REDUCTIONIST empiricism
which is incompatible- this says that things
are no more than there component parts.
· Other empiricists are happy to hold that a
whole can be more than the sum of its
parts ­ painting/symphony.…read more

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