The Role of a Manager

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  • The Role of a Manager
    • Planning
      • setting objectives to achieve a goal
        • businesses must come up with an action plan
          • failure to acknowledge specific tasks could mean that areas are missed
        • businesses make plans within each sector
          • everybody knows their role
          • failure to plan means workers are confused and work rate drops
    • Organising
      • assembling and allocating resources
        • management will determine internal organisation structures
          • everyone knows their role,resources allocated and can carry out their task properly
          • failure to organise means resources get limited and businesses waste time
    • Directing
      • influencing and overseeing behavior of staff
        • businesses must be motivated to achieve goals
          • employees are encouraged to work and enjoy their job
          • poor communication  results in low work rate and low standard of work
    • Controlling
      • setting standards by reviewing and reporting on past perfromance
        • compare objectives and performance to determine whether corrective or preventative action is required
          • reviewing highlights achievements shows the decisions businesses need to make
          • failure to control means that businesses are unaware of performance and make strategic decisions
    • getting the best out of subordinates
    • creating a vision the workforce believes in


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