Soft and Hard: Human Resources management

Soft and hard Hr management 

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Hard Human Resources management

Hard human resources management;

- employees are treated as resource and like they are only used for a limited period of time. The Hr will only care about how much is necessary to pay them and it is most likely that it will be very low or minimum wage. 

-the will only employ staff and move or fire them afterwards 

- short term changes in number of employees.

-very less communication between the top of the structure and bottom

-there's no empowerment or delegation as staff will not be able ot take higher roles. 


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Soft human resources management

Soft Human resources management

Employees are regarded as important and their needs are important to the business in order to become successful and organised

Employees are given rewards and motivation to make them work to their potential- making business more competitive and successful

Long Term workforce planning

Good communication from the top of the business (managers/owners) to the bottom of the organisation structure (employees/staff)

competitive payments with rewards

motivated and encourages employees- allowing them to take and receive responsibility and delegation

appraisal/ flat organisational structure


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