The problem of Evil

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  • The Problem of Evil
    • Natural Evil
      • Hurricanes, Natural Disasters, Floods
    • Moral Evil
      • Murder, Wars, Terrorism, Drugs, Lying
    • Augustinian theodicy
      • God created the world good but it went bad bc of original sin
    • The evidential problem of evil
      • William Rowe's examples of pointless suffering
        • a fawn dies slowly and alone after a forest fire
      • The evidential problem of evil is evidence which counts against the likelihood of God's existence
    • Defenses of God/ Theodices
      • Free will defence
        • Richard Swinburne - God can't prevent serious moral evil without restricting choice
        • Søren Kierkegaard's parable of the king and the peasant girl
        • Weaknesses
          • love can never be expressed through pain (D.Z Phillips)
            • determinists we don't have free will, it is all cause and effect
            • John Hick says that humans that are always good  would be no more free than robots
      • John Hick's Soul making theodicy
        • modern version of the Iranean Theodicy
        • if you don't do it in this life, you get reincarnated and can try again
          • your actions don't matter?
        • explains why we can't know God
          • we'd have to obey him - like driving with a policeman in the back seat
      • Aquinas
        • divine goodness is different to human goodness
    • The logical problem of evil
      • There is evil in the world, therefore a perfectly good God does not exist
      • "The Inconsistent Triad" - J.L. Mackie
        • A perfectly good being would want to prevent evil - JL Mackie
        • "God is Omnipotent, Evil Exists, God is all loving"


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