Theodicies and the problem of evil

These cards are for the explanation of the problem of evil and the theodicies which do their best to explain it.

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Problem of evil explain by Theodicy's

  • the problem of evil is the following: evil exists in the world. God is all powerful. God is all loving.
  • the problem many religious believers face is why a God who is all powerful and all loving would let evil exist and its creation (humanity) suffer.
  • in response there are 3 main theodices:
  • Augustinian theodicy
  • Irenaen theodicy
  • Process theodicy
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Problem of evil

  • The logical problem of evil is the evidential problem of evil
  • the Inconsistent triad is; God is benevolent, God is omniscient, evil exists
  • There are two types of evil; natural and human
  • Naturalm evil is the likes of earthquakes, tsunami and just general world disasters, this is fairly easy to explain.
  • Human evil is much harder to explain as this involves all sorts of crimes such as murder, theft, burning bambi alive in a forest. much harder to explain.
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The Augustinian Theodicy

  • This is the belief that evil is an absence of good
  • evil is the lack of good; good does not happen so evil fills the gap.
  • The first sin of Adam and Eve eating the Apple was the cause of evil entering the world
  • Also seen as the cause of natural evil due to the world starting to die after sin entered
  • Most common Christian explanation
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The Irenean Theodicy

  • Humans were created in two stages
  • The first is the human animal stage: raw, instinctual and savage
  • as we've evolved and grown we've matured and become intelectual
  • the second stage is about being spiritual
  • as you grow you become children of God
  • This world is a vale of soul making! (important to remember)
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Proccess Theodicy

  • David Griffen "Did God have full control over the way the world was created?"
  • Genesis 1:1- in the beginning...etc. they're are two different versions which mean two different things
  • Griffen thinks creation from Ex Nihilo raises more problems than it solves
  • He prefers the idea that God was limited to pre-existing materials than to say God was unhindered
  • God is limited in power (not self-limited) could not create a world without evil
  • bad things which occur in the world can only be apparant evil rather than actualy evil
  • God is limited in God's essential being (nature)
  • he grows and becomes perfect with us as we slowly stop committing "evil"
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