The Problem of Evil

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  • The Problem Of Evil
    • Mackie's Inconsistent Triad
      • The existence of Evil
        • God is Omni- benevolent
          • God is Omnipotent
            • The existence of Evil
              • God is Omni- benevolent
                • God is Omnipotent
        • Compatibilist = determined to exist but has the free will to choose
      • Types of Evil
        • Natural Evil = Natural disasters etc
        • Moral Evil = murder, robbery etc
        • Institutional evil = Genocide etc
      • Hume
        • God is either not omnipotent or not omni - benevolent
        • Evil does exist
      • Augustine's Theodicy
        • First Argument
          • Premise One = God created all things good
          • Premise Two = evil is not good
          • Conclusion = God did not create evil
        • Second Argument
          • Promise One = God created all things good
          • Promise Two = Evil is not good
          • Conclusion = Evil is not a thing, but the absence of good
        • Natural evil came about by unbalance due to human sin
        • Moral evil came from the knowledge of good and evil
        • Wrong of god to abolish evil
      • Irenaeus
        • God did not make the world perfect
          • The world was made in chaos so that we could evolve to perfection
          • Goodness and perfection developed through willing cooperation with god
        • Suffering creates positive traits like kindness and generosity
        • John Hick
          • God gave us free will to choose
          • The goodness of robots would be useless
          • Made at an epistemic distance
      • Process Theology
        • God isn't separate to the cycle
          • God suffers just as we suffer
        • God's role in creation was initiation the evolutionary process
          • Can only be held responsible to an extent
        • The universe is an uncreated process and god is part of it
        • God is Dipolar = has a physical and mental pole


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