problem of evil

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  • problem of evil
    • logical problem of evil
      • if god is omniscient he knows how to stop evil
      • if god is omnipotent he has the power to stop evil
        • evil exists,therefore god cannot have all three attributes
      • if god is supremely good he would not allow evil to exist
    • evidential problem of evil
      • the amount and distribution of evil is good enough evidence that god does not exist
    • plantinga's free will defence
      • a world containing sig free creatures is better than a world containing no sig free creatures
        • god can create sig free creatures
          • to be sig free is to be capable of both moral good and evil
            • is sig free creatures were made to do only what is right they would not be sig free
              • therefore god cannot cause sig free creatures to do what is right
                • god can only eliminate greater evil by doing so with greater good
                  • so gods attributes +evil can still be compatible
    • soul making (hick)
      • we are unfinished creatures
        • virtuous development is impossible unless there is some evil to respond to and correct
          • is we removed moral evil the world is left with little responsibility or development
    • evil split into moral:agents acting of their own free will and natural:caused by the earth (e.g earthquakes)


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