The Ninth Century Anglo Saxons

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  • The Ninth Century
    • VIkings began to stay in the country instead of just ****** and pillaging
      • Viking Scandinavian kings of York became converted to Christianity
      • importance of books
    • Beginning of the domination of wessex
    • Aelfred king of Wessex from 871-899
      • after death of aelfred there was a breakdown of alliances
    • marriage alliances important to strengthen claim to throne
    • soakmen free peasants from denamrk
      • some historians claiming not all soap men are Danish
        • doomsday books show many free peasants in areas dominated by Scandinavians
    • rise of Wessex - Northumbira to Mercia to Wessex
      • power of Alfred
        • Alfred hidage and manning of walls
        • tried a church revivsal in later 9th century
          • also waned a revival of A/S culture
          • programme to make all clegry literate
            • set recommendation of books
        • Alfred Jewel, handed out to bishops?
    • Viking bad for economy
      • if Vikings are consistently stealing then it suggests there was stuff there for them to steal
        • However, this action would have stimulated growth
    • kings increased taxation
    • Agricultural production increased
    • decline in understanduing of religion and education before the Vikings
      • monastic standards looser
        • fleming claims that there can be no question that monastic life in England was seriously disrupted during the eight and ninth centuries
    • social impact due to how many Vikings were settling
    • decline in freedom
    • 825 - Wessex victoriousat battle of elondon ending mercian supremazcy
    • after death of offa Egbhert returned to wessed and was cronwed king in 802
      • 829 he invaded mercia
        • 830 overturned by his people in Wessex
          • east Anglia independent again in 830
    • very increased raging of the Vikings
      • east Anglia and Northumbria ruled by Vikings
      • 870 the Vikings camped at reading before going to Wessex - they were defeated by aethelred


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