The Eight Century Anglo Saxons

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  • The Eighth Century
    • Tribal Hidage
      • gives us many names
        • every tribe in the list had a hide of land described
      • tribute list making up the entire list of people in southern England
      • suggests administrative growth
    • Bede's Ecclesiastical History finished 731
      • turning point - writing for the English people
      • Bede had influence over King Alfred
      • bede and 8th century monk
    • decades of offas coin reform are milestones of the administration and kingly power
    • contacts with Charlemagne
      • inspiration and a danger
    • construction of offas dyke was a milestone showing military expertise
      • gives insight into the relationship with the welsh
      • offa wanted a middle kingdom and an Anglian kingdom that was not supposed to unite Northumbria and southern England
      • off died in 796
        • Mercian overlord ship still continued
          • slight blip in 794 with east anglians ]
        • turning point in kingship with annoingtin gof offas son
        • after offa died mercia was unstable
    • offas reign a turning point in the creation of the power of England or mercia?
      • I think that it is the creation of mercia not England
    • Milestone of spreading anglo saxon culture, ideas, and learning on the continent
    • 730's York became an archbishopric officially
    • bede's history was important culturally
      • very popular in Europe
        • there was letters from Jarrow saying that they couldn't keep up with demand and that the scribe was unwell.
      • anglo Saxon saints become known on the continent
    • perod of 650-750 northumbrian renaissance
    • 793 a group of Vikings raidied and looted Lindisfarne
      • Viking raids started towards the end of the 8th century
    • 716 Aethelbald became kind of mercia
      • managed to exert control over all of southern England
        • was challeneged early on but the he died
      • aethelbald died in 757
    • Offa famous king in mercia
      • Never asserted dominance over welsh kingdoms
      • Offas reputation recognised over seas as well
        • Charlemagne and offa letter


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