The Eleventh Century Anglo Saxons

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  • The Eleventh Century
    • Cnuts Succesion was interesting as he was a foreign king
      • foreign king with dominions not in England and he spends time in a foreign land
      • absentee king
        • needs a steady flow of taxation while in Denmark
        • implications for government and admin when looking at an absentee king
        • created a strong admin system to control while he was in admin
      • Danish domination
      • 1016
      • could regard 1016 as the end of the impressive anglo saxon government we have seen from Alfred
    • battle of hastings 1066 was a turning point
    • Anglo Saxon political decline not of government but of admin
    • economy very strong at this point
    • entering a period of corruption in the church doing this time
    • Anglo Saxons still producing manuscripts and embroidery
      • Beauyeux tapestry made in England by the English
        • even after the norman conquest
    • what is the relationship between Cnut / Danes and Anglo Saxons
      • integration?
    • eleventh century saw increased communication between Ireland, Scotland and Northumbria
    • 11th century England had been regarded as the most advanced and sophisticated in western Christendom
    • By the mid 11th century England was a nation state
      • argued by campbell
        • sarah foot agrees with the nation but not the state


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