The Internet - Privacy & Security Issues and Ownership & Control

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  • The Internet
    • Privacy & Security Issues
      • Anyone may be able to see your data
      • Concerns about level of safeguarding within social networking sites - cannot check a person is who they claim to be
      • Paedophilia, stalking, grooming and child **** could result from use of alter-egos.
      • People have been refused employment due to ‘questionablebehaviour’ on social networking sites
        • Some say this is a valid use of freely available info
        • Others say it is an invasion of privacy
        • Could be for good reasons eg. Racist attitudes
    • Ownership and Control
      • Little control over content of the Internet, although some governments can control what’s seen
      • No control over who can access material eg. Hacking, plagiarism
      • Lack of ‘policing’ means that info isn’t checked for accuracy and isn’t monitored
        • Allows rumours to spread
      • InappropriateMaterial
        • Laws covering the production & distribution, but much material comes from foreign countries.
          • Young children could access this material
            • Unless special SW is used, children can easily gain access
              • Even with a SW filter, hard to ensure material is entirely excluded
                • If sites are blocked, this could make them more popular
      • Because of increased commercial value of activities, media giants could take control of Internet content
        • Increased risk of stalking, grooming, paedophiles, cyber-bullying, misuse of social media.
      • Illegal downloading of music, films etc.


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