The Handmaid's Tale quotes (LITA3)

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  • The Handmaid's Tale Quotes
    • Male/Female love
      • 'I went back to Nick. Time after time...' -Offred's sex
      • 'the balance of power is equal between women'-Moira's opinion on Gay relationships
    • Passion and restraint
      • 'His mouth is on me, his hands, I cant wait and he's moving.'
      • 'no romance, he says. It means: don't risk yourself for me'-Nick to Offred via the narrator
      • 'I hunger to commit the act of touch.'
    • Disappointment in Love
      • 'I hunger to commit the act of touch.'
      • 'the more difficult it was the love the man beside us, the more we believed in love'
    • Brotherhood
      • 'we could fight and wrangle and name-call but it didn't change anything underneath'-Offred about moira
      • 'I don't love the commander or anything like it, but he's of interest to me.'
      • 'I can't believe it's her. I touch her arm again. Then i begin to cry.'- when Offred meets Moira in Jezebels
      • 'This is something you can depend on, there will always be alliances one way or another'
    • Love and society
      • 'i didn't think of it as giving myself to him, because what did I have to give?'- R.E sex
      • 'to be seen- is to be... penetrated. What you must be girls, is impenetrable.'-The aunts to the handmaids


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