A Streetcar Named Desire quotes (LITA3)

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire Quotes
    • Passion and restraint
      • 'when he's away for a week i nearly go wild!' -Stella to Blanche
      • 'having them coloured lights going'-Stanley to Stella
      • 'it's gonna be sweet when we can make noise in the night again'- Stanley to stella about blanche leaving
      • ''there are things that happen between a man and a woman in the dark- that sort of make everything else seem-unimportant' -stella to Blanche
    • Love and society
      • 'I pulled you down off them columns and how you loved it'- stanley to stella about the early stages of their love
      • 'the only way to live with such a man is to- go to bed with him and thats your job!'
      • 'poker should not be played in a house with women'-Mitch after the arguments start
    • Cruelty of love
      • 'she backs out of sight. He advances and disappears. There is the sound of a blow'
      • 'intimacies with strangers was all i seemed to be able to fill my empty heart with' -Blanche on her past
      • 'men don't-don't even admit your existence unless they are making love to you'
      • '[stanley gives a loud whack of his hand on her thigh]'
    • Love and Family
      • 'What have I done to my sister? Oh, God, what have I done to my sister?'-After Blanche is taken away
      • '[As soon as her sister goes past her, Stella closes her eyes and clenches her hands]'
    • Male/Female love
      • 'what such a man has to offer is animal force'- Blanche about Stanley
      • 'she rolls her eyes, knowing he cannot see her face' - Blanche misleading Mitch
      • '[Blanche waltzes to the music with romantic gestures. Mitch is delighted and moves in awkward imitation like a dancing bear]'
      • '[she jumps up and kisses him which he accepts with lordly composure]' -Stella and Stanley


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