Othello quotes (LITA3)

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  • Othello Quotes
    • Unrequited Love
      • 'i confess it is my shame to be so fond'- Roderigo about Desdemona
      • 'I was a fine fool to take it'- Emilia to iago after realising he has betrayed her
    • Love and Family
      • 'O treason of the blood'
      • 'Trust not your daughters minds
      • 'Who would be a father?'
    • Untitled
    • Love and Betrayl
      • 'She has deceived her father and may thee'- Brabantio to othello
      • 'O perfjured woman! Thou doth stone my heart'
      • 'Noses, ears, lips. Is't possible? Confess!'
    • Idealised Love
      • 'She loved me for the dangers i had passed and i loved her that she did pity them'
      • 'Your wife, my lord; your true and loyal wife'
      • 'the world hath not a sweeter creature'
    • Brotherhood
      • 'I am bound to thee forever'-Othello to Iago
      • 'i follow him to serve my turn upon him'-Iago about Othello
      • 'to wager she is honest, lay down my soul at the stake'- Emilia sticking up for Desdemona
    • Love and society
      • 'that there be women do abuse their husbands in such a gross kind?'-discussion amongst emilia and desdemona
      • 'you are lord of all my duty'
      • 'Tying her duty, beauty, wit and fortune' -desdemona marrying
      • 'whate'er you be, I am obedient' -Desdemona to Emilia
    • Cruelty of Love
      • 'be sure thou prove my love a whore'-when Othello things desdemona is cheating
      • 'men are all but stomachs, we are all but food; they eat us hungrily and when they are full, they belch us'-Emilia to Desdemona


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