Dystopia Critical Quotes (The Handmaid's Tale and 1984)


General Views on Dystopian Genre

Brooker: "dystopian literature works by a process of 'defamiliarisation'" 

Gerber: "there is no way out of the Dystopian state, even in thought"

Grossman: "Technology ... tool for stagnation, rather than for progress" 

Fitting: Dystopia is a "defence of the status quo" 

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Critical Quotes on The Handmaid's Tale

Briscoe: "Moira is Offred's rebel alter ego"

Atwood: "All prohibitions are founded upon a denial of our desires"

Atwood: "America seems to be losing faith in the basic premises of liberal democracy" 

McCarthy: "no satiric bite" 

Loflen: "Gilead forces the audience to play the part of the executioner, and in doing so, to represent the regime" 

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Critical Quotes on 1984

Orwell: "two and two could become five if the Fuhrer wished it"

Podhoretz: "Orwell's ruling passion was the fear and hatred of totalitarianism" 

Berkes: "Language becomes a method of mind control ... destruction of will and imagination"

Yeo: "Propaganda and surveillance ... are esentially linked"

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