The feature of the Weimar Constitution

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  • The Features of the Weimar Constitution
    • Supreme Court was introduced to interpret the Constitution
    • First time Germany had a democracy as it was a semi-absolutist regime
      • The National Assembly creates the constitution and was completed in August 1919
    • Anyone +20 was able to vote in their representatives in the Reichstag.
      • Elections held every four years
      • There was proportional representation
      • Was able to remove governments if the majority agreed to it
    • Bill of Rights were introduced: Freedom of Religion, Press, Protest, etc.
    • President was elected by the people every seven years.
      • Commands the Army
      • Appoints and Dismisses Chancellor
    • Article 48: gave the president the power to not consult the Reichstag in times of emergency
    • Reichstrat could reject new laws and give advice however could not override the Reichstag.
      • Had 67 representatives of the 17 German states
    • Chancellor proposes laws to the Reichstag, and took care of daily government tasks
      • Must have the support of the Reichstag


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