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Threats to Weimar
Political threats
Economic threats
Weaknesses of the constitution

Political Threats ­ Right Wing Threats

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Political Threats ­ Right Wing Threats

The Kapp Putsch


Wolfgang Kapp led the Putsch. He was a right-wing journalist who
opposed all that Ebert stood for.
Kapp was humiliated by the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and
placed the placed on the government naming them the "November

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"Right-wing terrorists usually received mild or negligible sentences,
while those on the left were dealt with severely, even though left-wing
violence was but a fraction of that committed by the right." ­ Photius
Coutsoukis 2001 Ebert's fault as he let rightwing judiciary remain.

Significance of the Kapp putsch

Highlights danger…

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Hitler is encouraged by Mussolini's `March on Rome' in 1922 and
Hitler is even titled the `Mussolini of Germany.'
Existence of Hitler's private army the SA.
Hitler initially believes he has the support of von Kahr (Leader of the
Bavarian state government) and Lossow (Commander of the Bavarian
section of…

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Hitler used his trial (26th February 1924 ­ 1st April 1924) as a propaganda platform.
The trial got mass press coverage promoting Nazism throughout Germany.
The three judges in this trial were chosen by a Nazi sympathizer in the Bavarian
government. They allowed Hitler to make full-length speeches (forbidden in…

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Inw hatwayswast heM unichPutschof1923bothafailureanda
successforHitlera ndt heNazis?

Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is written by Hitler during his imprisonment in Landsberg Castle
(1924) writing this book gave Hitler time to reflect on his key ideas. Mein Kampf subsequently
became the `bible' of the Nazi movement.

Infighting in the Nazi Party while…

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Sympathetic judiciary at Hitler's trial judiciary staffed by devotees of Kaiser Reich who would
have been deeply impressed by Hitler's Nationalistic longlength speeches in the dock. This
is shown as Hitler's lenient sentence of 5 years was further shortened to merely 6 months.


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