The Weimar Republic

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  • The Weimar Republic
    • Main Features
      • The Bill of Rights (freedom of speech & right to belong to a trade union)
      • parliament
        • Reichstrat (upper house)
        • Reichstag (lower house)
      • All Germans over the age of 20 could vote.
    • Political Problems
      • no real tradition of democracy
      • uprisings
        • Kapp Putsch (1920) Freikorps
        • The Spartacist Uprising (1919) Communist Party
        • Munich Putsch (November 1923) NSDAP
      • political assasinations
    • Constitutional Weaknesses
      • Article 48 (President was able to rule in decree)
      • proportional representation (seats were given by the number of votes they earned)
      • army was not fully under government's control
      • many government officials were right-wing and wanted to destroy the government
    • The November Criminals
      • myth of the stab in the back (Dolchstows)


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