the extent of opposition between 1905 and 1914

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  • the extent of opposition between 1905 and 1914
    • trade unions
      • legalised after the 1905 revolution
      • unable to achieve a great deal in the face of continued government repression
        • hundreds of trade unions closed down or denied registration after 1906
        • shooting of unarmed demonstrations at the Lena Goldfields Massacre in 1912 triggered a wave of strikes
          • these were forcefully repressed
        • in practice, only 12% of enterprises experienced a strike
    • other opposition groups
      • the moderate liberal opposition tried to co-operate with the Duma system
        • done in hopes of further constitutional reform
      • concessions of 1905-1906 helped to reduce opposition
      • after 1905, there was no single, strong opposition across the nationalities
      • things that weakened the SRs and SDs between 1905 and 1914
        • the exile of their leaders
        • th reivalry between both parties
        • the split within the SDs


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