Tsar Nicholas II 1894-1905

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When discussing tsar Nicholas in the years 1894 - 1905 here are the points you COULD discuss.

  • Civil Unrest (AKA Bloody Sunday)
  • Tsars personality weaknesses
  • Economy - poverty & lack of people power + witte
  • Russo-Japanese war
  • Problems before Nicholas II which influenced time during his reign
  • Opposition (Liberals later to become Octoberists and Kadets and Social Democrats later to become Bolsheviks and Mensheviks) 

I have cue cards of these topics in greater detail uploaded. Possible exam questions involving these sub topics could include:

How successful was Nicholas II in dealing with the problems he faced between 1984 and 1905? 

we could talk about Civil Unrest, Tsars personality weaknesses…


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