The Emigrée

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  • The Emigrée
    • Form
      • 1st person - personal
      • no regular rhyme scheme
        • first two stanzas contain lots of enjambement
      • More end- stopping in the final stanza
        • reflects the speaker's confinement in her new 'city of walls'
    • an emigre is someone who if forced to leave their country - often due to political reasons
    • Carol Rumens
    • Structure
      • Speaker's memory of the city grows and solidifies as the poem moves on
        • city becomes a physical presence for the speaker in the final stanza
      • each stanza ends with 'sunlight' reinforcing that the speaker sees the city in a positive way
    • Language of conflict
      • vocal is associated with war, invasion and tyranny
        • city isn't as perfect as the speaker remembers it
          • 2nd stanza - sesse the speaker is defying the authorities by accessing her 'child's vocabulary' that's been 'banned'
    • Personification
      • City is initially personified as being 'sick with tyrants'
        • describes the city in human terms emphasises the strength of the speaker's love for it
    • Feeling and attitudes
      • threat that the city has been taken over or invaded by a tyrant
        • speaker ignores this
          • speaker has positive memories of the old city
            • and no one can change her view of that


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