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  • Quotes for each Poem
    • Ozymandias
      • "ye Mighty, and despair!"
      • "Half sunk, a shattered visage lies"
      • "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings"
    • London
      • "Near where the chartered Thames does flow"
      • "The mind-forged manacles I hear
      • "the marriage hearse"
    • The Prelude
      • "glittering idly in the moon"
      • "With trembling oars I turned"
      • "the silent water stole my way"
    • My Last Duchess
      • "That's my last Duchess"
      • "I gave commands; //Then all smiles stopped together"
      • "My gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name"
    • The Charge of the Light Brigade
      • "While horse and hero fell"
      • "Not the six hundred"
      • "Into the jaws of Death"
    • Exposure
      • "But nothing happens."
      • "Sudden successive flights of bullets"
      • "Pause over half-known faces"
    • Storm on the Island
      • "This wizened earth"
      • "spits like a tame cat"
      • "Forgetting that it pummels your house too"
    • Bayonet Charge
      • "Suddenly he awoke and was running"
      • "He lugged a rifle numb as a smashed arm"
      • "a yellow hare that rolled like a flame"
    • Remains
      • "probably armed, possibly not"
      • "every round as it rips through his life
      • "the drink and the drugs won't flush him out"
    • Poppies
      • "I pinned one onto your label"
      • "the world overflowing// like a treasure chest"
      • "the tip of your nose, play at Eskimos"
    • War Photographer
      • "with spools of suffering"
      • "A hundred agonies...pick out five or six"
      • "running children in a nightmare heat"
    • Tissue
      • "An architect could use all this"
      • "turned into your skin"
      • "If buildings were paper, I might feel their drift"
    • The Emigrée
      • "There once was a country..."
      • "The white streets of our city"
      • "my shadow falls as evidence of sunlight"
    • Checking Out Me History
      • "Bandage up me eye with me own history"
      • "but dem never tell me bout Nanny de maroon"
      • ""Dem tell me // Dem tell me wha dem want to tell me"
    • Kamikaze
      • "a samurai sword"
      • "swivelled towards the sun"
      • "a tuna, the dark prince"


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