Émigrée - Context

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  • The Emigrée
    • Rumen's Ideas
      • Often includes feminism and femininity in her poetry
      • Ambiguity of home country gives poem a timeless relevance
    • Inspiration
      • Perhaps inspired by Northern Ireland's troublesome history as was living there at the time of the poem's publication
      • Disgraced by the pitiable conditions of emigrants and refugees
    • Elsewhere
      • According to critic Ben Wilson, she has a fascination with elsewhere
      • Inspired by the work of Philip Larkin who also wrote about the importance of elsewhere
    • Russian inspiration
      • Mandelshtam - exiled due to troublesome poetry then returned and was sent to a correction centre where he died
      • Rumens was particularly inspired by the Russian poets Akhmatova and Mandelshtam
      • Akhmatova -protected the traditions of classical Russian culture from the onslaught of avant-garde radicalism and suffocating ideological strictures of socialist realism


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