My Last Duchess

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  • My Last Duchess
    • Context
      • Robert Browning was known for dramatic monologues
      • Reflects Browning's love of European history/ culture
      • Based on Italian Duke
        • Duke of Ferrara married 3 women (2 died)
    • Themes
      • Power of humans
        • Storm On The Island
        • London
      • Memory
        • Remains
        • War Photographer
      • Pride
      • Identity
        • The Charge of The Light Brigade
    • Linked poems
      • Ozymandias (power of humans, pride)
      • The Prelude (memory, pride)
      • The Emigrée (memory and identity)
      • Tissue (power of humans, identity)
      • Kamikaze (memory, identity)
      • Poppies (identity, memory)
      • Checking Out Me History (power of humans, identity)
    • Techniques
      • Possessive pronoun "My"
      • AABB rhyme scheme (couplets show control)
      • Person-ification ("half-flush that dies")
      • Enjambment/ punctuation to create sense of regular speech
      • Dramatic monologue
      • Iambic pentameter (reflection of when it's set)
      • Alliteration "Then all smiles stopped together. There she stands"
      • Similie (“That’s my last Duchess painted on the wall, Looking as if she were alive.”)
    • Quotes
      • "Looking as if she were alive"
      • "The faint half-flush that dies along her neck"
      • "Too soon made glad, too easily impressed"
      • "Her looks went everywhere"
      • "I choose never to stoop"
      • "I gave commands then all smiles stopped together."
      • "There she stands as if alive"
      • "Notice Neptune, though, Taming a sea-horse"


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