The consequences of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

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  • The Consequences of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
    • The Carter Doctrine (Jan 1980)
      • Threatened to use force if the Soviet Union attempted to take control of the Persian Gulf
      • Imposed economic sanctions, no trade with the USS, no longer export grain to or import oil from the Soviet Union
      • US and its allies, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, secretly provided assistance to the Mujaheddin, meant USA were secretly backing a war against the Soviet Union
      • USA ceased cooperating with the USSR and began to confront it instead
    • End of SALT 2
      • In 1980 the USA broke off diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and the US Senate refused to sign SALT 2, which had been signed by Carter and Brezhnev in 1979
      • US began to build up its own conventional and nuclear weapons, began to develop cruise and Pershing missiles for deployment in Europe
      • Soviets responded by deploying their own medium range weapon, the SS20 missile
      • US-Soviet arms race began to speed up again, as more nuclear weapons were produced and deployed
    • The Olympic Boycotts
      • The USA boycotted the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow in retaliation for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
      • In retaliation for the US boycott of the Moscow Olympics, the USSR boycotted the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles
      • Brought to an end the cooperation adn sporting competition between teh USA and the Soviet Union that characterised détente
    • Further consequences of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
      • The USA
        • Persuaded many Americans that the USSR couldn't be trusted
        • Helped lead to the election of President Reagan in ov 1980, he was an anti-communist with a hard-line attitude towards the USSR
      • The Soviet Union
        • Soviet troops remained in Afghanistan to keep Karmal in power
        • Troops came under repeated attach from the Mujahiddin, leading to rising casualties from both sides
        • Pressure was put on the Soviet leadership to end the increasingly unpopular war


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