The Anglican Church and Puritanism

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  • The Anglican Church and Puritanism
    • Hampton Court Conference, 1604
      • A discussion over Puritan reforms, with bishops and Anglicans present
      • Mostly amicable
        • Except when a Puritan mentioned Presbyterians and James responded with "No bishops, no king"
      • Achievements
        • Agreed that there should be a priest for each Parish
        • New English bible that was published in 1611
    • New Canons, 1604
      • New rules that the Church and all clergy had to follow
      • use the cross during baptism
      • wearing of the surplice
        • a long white garment
      • accepting the King as supreme governor of the King
      • accepting authority of bishops
      • accepting the Thirty-Nine articles
        • Statement of basic beliefs of the English Church, to which all ministers must swear agreement
      • accepting the services in the Prayer Book
    • Richard Bancroft and George Abbot
      • Bancroft: Archbishop of Canterbury (1604-1910)
        • Very much against Puritans while James wanted to avoid open conflict
        • Made it difficult for extreme puritans to remain in the Church and some left for other countries
      • Abbot: Archbishop of Canterbury (1910-21)
        • More lenient with Puritans


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