Tchnological develpment

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  • Technological Developments
    • CAD
      • This is where computers are used to help design a product
      • Computer Aided Design
      • This can be used to  produce models of the product and its packaging in 2D and 3D
        • So you can see it from any angle
      • Uses of CAD
        • Product profiles
        • Nutritional modelling of products to meet design ideas
        • Production of safety and hazard charts
        • Mathematical calculations for scaling up
        • Production modelling of products to meet aesthetic and sensory criteria
    • CAM
      • Computer Aided Manufacturer
      • This is used in the manufacturing processes
        • It is to control and monitor processes during mass production
      • The computer has 3 main jobs
        • To program the machinery   to carry out specific tasks such as weighing ingredients to exact amounts
        • To prevent food spoilage hazards occurring during the production run
        • To monitor the quality of the food product at various stages
    • Advantages of using computers during production
      • Quick and easy to change the nutritional analysis
      • Enables quality control checks to be carried out throughly and quickly
      • Reduction is production time
      • Less employee cost
      • Safer for staff as machine does the  task instead
      • Improves quality of product
    • Disadvantages of uses computers   during production
      • More pollution
      • Increase unemployment
      • Requires training to use


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