Tajfel - Social Identity Theory - Evaluation

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  • Tajfel - Social Identity Theory - Evaluation
    • Human behaviour is too complex to simplify
      • Depends on how an individual has been bought up
    • Helps explain a lot of everyday behaviour e.g. trouble at football matches
      • Social categorisation - supporting either Sheffield Wednesday or Sheffield United
      • Social Identification - wearing different kits, different chants, different ground
      • Social Comparison - violence between them
    • Tajfel - Social Categorisation and Intergroup Behaviour 1971
      • Wanted to know whether being in a group was enough to cause prejudice and ingroup favouritism
      • Boys awarded more points to people in their own group
      • Showed strong ingroup favouritism and social categorisation
    • Sherif -Robber's Cave
      • Showed prejudice - boys burnt flags of other group and used name calling
      • Showed ingroup favouritism - 70% of boys had friends in same group after 3 weeks
    • Application to real life
      • If we accept prejudice comes from grouping, we could tackle it by changing the group boundaries and creating one big group


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