Social Psychology-Theories

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  • Social Psychology-Theories
    • Discrimination- Complying with the demands of others, particularly those in positions of authority.
      • Agency Theory-Milgram
        • 2 States
          • Agentic State-people act as though they're agents for authority figures and take no responsibility for their actions
          • Autonomous State- when people act as though they're free to make their own decisions and have free will and therefore take responsibility for their actions
        • Evaluation
          • Acts of war criminals-Adolph Eichmann
          • Can be used to manipulate people
          • Ignores dispositional factors e.g. personality
      • Social Impact Theory
        • I=f(SIN)
        • Social Impact=the effects of a group on an individual
        • Evaluation
          • Mathematical equation=scientific
          • Obedience is a behaviour by someone as a response to an individual, not the influence of a group
          • Supported by Milgram's rebellious pairs
          • Doesn't specifically related to obedience
    • Prejudice-An attitude, usually negative
      • Realistic Conflict Theory
        • Needs
          • Competition
          • Two groups of equal status
        • Evaluation
          • Sherif's robber cave experiment
          • Ember and Ember-inter-group hostility between tribes when there's scarce resources
          • Tyreman and Spencer-no inter-group hostility between scout groups when there was scarce resources
          • Doesn't take into account cultural differences


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