Social Identity Theory - Evaluation

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  • Social Identity Theory - Evaluation
    • Doesn't explain
      • why some poeple are more prejudice than others
    • Platow et al (1990)
      • Personality may also be a factor
        • Competitive boys favor their 'in' group more than boys who were more co-operative
          • Supporting Study
    • Explains
      • rasism
      • class conflict
      • discrimmination between nationalities
      • discrimmmination between football teams
    • Tajfel
      • boys to estimate number of dots
        • when giving points, boys were more likely to give a point to someone in their group
          • Supports Theory
    • Adorno et al (1950)
      • Only prejudice if you had strict authority from your parents.
        • Anger with cold unloving parents gets re-directed to other groups
    • Sherif (1968)
      • need competition to create prejudice
    • Levine et al (2005)
      • found people are more likely to offer help to someone who needs it if they are in the same 'in' group
        • football fans who appeared to be injured if they supported the same team
          • Supports theory


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