Syrian Conflict

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  • syrian conflict,march 2011
    • impacts
      • enviromental
        • 50% of infrastructure and health care have been destroyed
        • chemical attacks are present icluding one that took place at a school
      • political
        • 14,000 people put in prison
        • government officials cannot access bank accounts
        • talk of british government going to war with syria but this was alter dismissed.
      • economic
        • $2 billion spent by jordan government for refugees
        • $5 billion necessary to relieve refugees
      • social
        • in 1n 6 people in lebanon is a refugee
        • average of 6000 people flea daily
        • over 100,000 deaths
        • 60% of syrians now live below the poverty line
    • general
      • 90% arab population
      • average age in syria is 22.7
      • muslim majority
      • was achieving major economic development before the conflict
    • conflict resolutuion
      • in october 2013 president assad allowed international inspectors to destroy chemicalm weapons
      • Syrian government have attended peace talks in geneva
      • minister announced that syria would remove its chemical agents from the country by 1st march 2014
    • causes
      • initial cause was due to the capture of 14 school children who were then reportedly tortured after displaying anti-government grafiti
      • the people disagreed with presidents assads regime and demanded greater democracy and freedom
      • government retailiation saw open fire on citizens that protested, worsening the conflict. 4 people in deraa were killed after demanding the release of the captured children.
  • $5 billion necessary to relieve refugees


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