TB4 Lecture 3; Syntax (acquiring grammar)

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  • Syntax
    • What is syntax?
      • Conventions for ordering words in such a way that changes the meaning of the utterance
        • Finite rules, infinite production
      • Evidence of word order comprehension happening early
        • Hirsh-Pasek & Golinkkoff (1993); 19m infants showed sentence comprehension using preferential looking paradigm
        • 5yrs, mastery of syntax, equivalent to able adult ability
    • Acquiring syntax
      • Chomsky
      • Learning internal  sentence structures, not just grammatical sequences
        • Syntactic trees
      • Recursivity
      • Pinker (1979); Language Learnability
      • The process of acquisition
    • Syntactical development
      • The dominant view
        • Universal grammar
          • Chomsky
        • Continuity
        • Modularity + Human specific
      • A different view
        • Innate knowledge of 'roles' and grammatical positions (Pinker)
        • Semantic bootstrapping (regularities)
      • A radically different view
        • There is no such thing as continuity, grammar is built and noticed progressively using TOM+ awareness of regularities
        • Grammar is therefore based on learning a collection of expressions
        • Morgan; Bracketed input hypothesis
      • Statistics in syntactical development


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