Symbolism in Lord of the Flies

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  • Symbolism in Lord of the Flies
    • The conch
      • Can only speak if you have the conch
        • Democracy
        • Power
        • Status
      • Ralph can always speak
      • Piggy holds the conch the most
      • Jack dismisses the conch
      • When the conch smashes it foreshadows the quick decent into savagery
    • Piggy's glasses
      • Intelligence
        • Piggy has the majority of good ideas
        • Piggy cannot see without them
          • However, Piggy is the only one who can metaphorically see from the start
      • Piggy cleans them when nervice
      • A tool
        • Creates the fire
        • Many uses for Piggy
      • They are stolen for Jack's tribe
    • The fire
      • Savagery
        • Wild
        • May have engulfed a child
        • Death
      • Hope
        • Rescue
        • Warmth
        • Security
      • Could save them or kill them
        • Tears them apart as Ralph knows they need to keep the fire going
      • Jack's tribe uses a fire for cooking


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