The Lord of the Flies revision mind map

Characters, themes and symbols with key quotes.

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  • Lord of the Flies
    • Characters
      • Jack
        • Hunter
        • "Do our dance! Come on! Dance!"
      • Ralph
        • Leader
        • "They will see our smoke"
      • Piggy
        • Logical
        • Represents an adult viewpoint
        • "We could find out how to make a small hot fire and then put green branches on to make smoke"
      • Roger
        • Violent
        • He sharpens a stick "at both ends"
      • The littluns
      • Sam and Eric
        • "One conch did for both twins"
      • Simon
        • Discovers the truth about the island
        • "The beast was harmless and horrible"
    • Symbols
      • Piggy's glasses
        • Intelligence
        • When they are destroyed, it shows the logic and order also being destroyed
        • Fire
          • Fear
      • The conch
        • Democray and authority
      • The Sow's head
        • 'The Lord of the Flies'
    • Themes
      • Savagery
      • Civilisation
        • The death of Piggy and the destruction of the conch show the failure of the civil society they had tried to form
      • Fear
      • Rules and order
        • The conch represents discipline
      • Loss of innocence
      • Hope
        • Fire
          • The fire is a sign of hope. When it goes goes, this shows the hope also dying




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