Lord of the Flies Themes

Incomplete summary of themes

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Civilization & Savagery (Law & Order)

  • The descent of the boys into savagery
  • The various symbols, such as the glasses and the conch, which deteriorate along with the state of the boys' mini society
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The Lord of the Flies, Roger and Jack can all represent evil in varying degrees

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  • Simon as a metaphor for Christ
  • Roger as a metaphor for Satan
  • The Lord of the Flies as a metaphor for evil
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  • The way in which Jack relishes the killing of the pigs
  • The blood frenzy in which the boys kill Simon
  • Roger's ****** and his enjoyment of violence
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  • Golding questions what makes a good leader- the fact that Ralph is elected at the beginning almost purely on physical impressions and the fact that he holds the conch is crucial.
  • Dictatorship is examined through the way in which Jack takes control, and how Roger terrorizes the boys on his behalf in order to make them obey.
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