Lord of the Flies: Good and Evil

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  • Lord of the Flies: Good and Evil
    • The battle between good and evil is a central theme of Lord of the Flies and appears in many conflicts
      • For example: between the conch group and the savages, between the boys and the terrifying 'beast', between attempts at rescue from a passing ship and imprisonment on the increasingly chaotic island.
    • Good
      • The conch provides a symbol of the decency and order of the society the boys have come from.
      • Ralph organises the construction of shelters - mostly, in fact, the selfless work of himself and Simon - and a fire signal to the ships.
      • The boys spend majority of their time playing.
      • There are a few incidents - although one is serious: the fire kills the boy with the mulberry birthmark
    • Evil
      • When Jack forms his own tribe, evil takes control. Only the naval officer's intervention prevents its complete takeover.


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