Educating Rita Main Themes

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  • Themes of Educating Rita
    • Education
      • Rita sees education as a way to get into the higher class
      • Gives Rita more choices
      • Frank doesn't want education to change Rita
    • Class
      • Rita is ashamed by her class
      • Realises by the end that class doesn't change the problems
        • When Trish tries to kill herslef
        • Frank isnt happy in his class
      • Changes her voice to try and fit
    • Self Improvement
      • Rita gives Frank a haircut
      • Changed - more educated- more improved
      • Changed what she looked like and her personality
      • Is all the things Rita changed really improved who she is?
      • By the end of the book, Frank starts to change to because of Rita
    • Marriage
      • Marriage breaks down
        • Between Rita and Denny
      • Break down of a bonds
        • Not similar anymoer
      • Maybe just married quick because she knew that what you did in working class.


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