Educating Rita

This is an exam style question, and i have made some brief notes to help plan an answer.

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Point, Evidence, Explain

When answering exam questions, a technique that is drilled into us at my school is Point, Evidence, Explain.
So you make the point that you want to make, then use a quote as evidence, and then expand on your point, explaining in more depth what you want to say.

Right at the start it's obvious that Rita will make Frank see things differently. Why?

Rita is like a breath of fresh air to Frank, and within theirfirst meeting it is clear that she will influence Franks views, and he will begin to look at things differently.

Frank: "I've never really looked at it like that"

Frank has stopped 'living' and is just 'existing', andthis along with being educated means he is just taking things as they are.Rita, on the other hand, is seeing things for the first time. So when shemeets Frank in Act 1 Scene 1, and defines assonace as "gettin' the rhymes wrong", Frank is amused by this. I think he instantly warms to Rita, andthis shows that as the play continues, she will have an effect on Frank. Already she has made him look at something for more that what is, perhaps question what he knows.

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