Blood Brothers Main Themes

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  • Blood Brothers Main Themes
    • Social Class
      • The main characters are viewed as social stereotypes
      • The differences in social classes in the play, highlights how this affects your opportunities in life
      • The law treats Mrs Lyons differently to Mrs J. (It is more harsh on lower social classes)
      • Russell shows how with wealth brings you privillage.
    • Nature Vs. Nurture
      • Russell's play is deliberately objecting to a view that was popular at the time in the UK
      • The debate that how much of a persons upbringing and genetics influences their attitudes.
      • Russell uses the twins to The show how attitudes in society influence peoples lives more than an individual.
    • Fate, Bad Luck And Destiny
      • Russell asks us to consider whether there is such a thing as fate or destiny.
      • Everything in the play leads us to question whether these supernatural things exist.
      • Each of the main characters is presented as being trapped by bad luck.
    • Money
      • Mrs J life in debt causes her nothing but endless problems.
      • Mrs Lyons wealthy existence fails to bring her happiness.
      • The relationship deteriorates when Mickey and Edward reach different points in their lives in regards to money.
      • Money controls Edwards and Mickeys relationship.
    • Friendship
      • As the pair grow up, they grow apart. Friendship depends on shared experiences.
      • Russell suggests that human nature is blind to social conventions.
      • Mickey and Edwards relationship is initially strong despite the contrast in social backgrounds.
    • Education
      • The effects of education shape the women in the play differently too.
        • Her lack of education provides Mrs Johnston with little  opportunities.She has no choice than to rely on the state.
        • Despite a good education, Mrs Lyons is not self reliant.
      • Without a decent education, your options are limited.
      • Wealth brings more opportunities in education and lifestyle.
    • Superstition
      • Mrs Johnston is superstitious this gives Mrs Lyons power over her.
      • The twins superstition is inevitable
      • Mrs Lyons uses Mrs J and her superstitious nature to her advantage.
      • The narrator is a key character as he constantly reminds the audience of the twins fate.




good for revicing as short but important points for the main themes, also easy to understand!

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