Cozy Apologia - Rita Dove

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  • Cozy Apologia
    • Rita Dove
      • 1999
    • Form & Structure
      • Composed of 3 10-line stanzas.
        • The rhyme scheme is breaking down in Stanza 2 - possibility of the disruption of the oncoming storm
        • Stanza 1 is made of 5 rhyming couplets creating the rhyme scheme AABBCCDDEE
        • A new rhyme scheme emerges in Stanza 3 which is ABABCCDDDD - perhaps to show progress in the poem
      • Written in a first person narrative, perhaps to be autobiographical
      • Written in free verse - possibly to reflect how imperfect her husband is
    • Context
      • Hurricane Floyd is a Hurricane that hit the east coast of the USA in 1999, adding to the idea that the poem is autobiographical
      • Fred is the name of the poets husband, making the poem seem autobiographical
    • Middle
      • 'awkward reminiscences / Of teenage crushes'
        • She is embarrassed of the sizzling hot teenage love which reflect the title on how she is defending  the love she has now
      • 'Were thin as licorice and as chewy'
        • It shows that the boys of her teenage youth didn't have much personality for her unlike of her husband
    • Beginning
      • 'There you'll be, with furrowed brow /And chain mail glinting, to set me free: '
        • The cliche interpretation of romantic love, which may be used in irony, suggest that the speaker may be teasing her partner
        • Shows that her husband is here to set her free, possibly from boredom or depression.
      • 'think of you / This lamp'
        • She compares her husband to a lamp.  Whilst an ordinary object, it shows that he is her light and happiness
    • End
      • 'You're bunkered in your / Aerie, I'm perched in mine'
        • Describes him and her as love birds.  Showing that they will meet up again after the storm.
      • 'I fill this stolen time with you.'
        • Shows her deep love for her husband rather than doing anything else, she would talk with him with the stolen time she has.


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