Cozy Apologia - Rita Dove

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  • Cozy Apologia
    • Context
      • Hurricane Floyd is a Hurricane that hit the east coast of the USA in 1999, adding to the idea that the poem is autobiographical
      • Fred is the name of the poets husband, making the poem seem autobiographical
    • Love
      • "And chain mail glinting, to set me free"
        • cliche knight in shining armour image, which could have been used by Dove to again show how average and content her relationship is, almost as if it's nothing special
      • "teenage crushes on worthless boys/ Whose only talent was to kiss you senseless"
        • shows the speakers belief that her emotional bond with her husband is worth so much more than the seemingly more exciting relationships of her past
      • "We're content, but fall short of the Divine"
        • implies that their love is simple and enjoyable, but doesn't meet the seemingly heavenly and god-like standards that are commonly portrayed to be the goal for love, and they're okay with that
      • "Whose satisfied simply with what's good for us,"
        • shows her opposing views to those of most people who are always looking for something more than happiness
      • structure and form
        • the first stanza focusses on her and her love for her husband, the second stanza then takes a detour, where the speaker thinks about past relationships, however she returns to her and her husband in the final stanza
          • this could represent how her mind may wander, but she always returns to him, they're love beats all else
    • Sense of Place
      • "You're bunkered in your Aerie, I'm perched in mine"
        • implies that they're both locked safely away from the storm outside ("bunkered")
      • (Twin desks, computers, hardwood floors)"
        • this creates an image of a warm, homely place for her and her husband to work
        • the brackets make it seem like an observational afterthought
      • "This lamp, the wind-still rain, the glossy blue/ My pen exudes"
        • she lists a group of average items, seemingly looking around her and picking the closest things to her, which creates an image of where she sits in the mind of the reader
      • structure and form
        • the first stanza seems to set a scene of the poet writing inside a room, she then sends us on a journey through what is going through her head but ultimately returns to his scene in stanza three, returning the readers to reality


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