Sustainability in the workplace

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  • Sustainability in the workplace
    • The use of video conferencing reduces a company's carbon footprint.
    • Hotel companies have a policy of only washing towels if the clients ask them to, therefore reducing water usage and soap powder.
    • Schools often have separate waste bins for paper and card in their classrooms.
      • Pupils are also encouraged by signs to switch off lights.
      • Most schools also have their computers controlled centrally so that a piece of software switches all the computers on and off in the school at set times.
    • Large companies provide their employees with a variety of different bins to deal with waste products,
      • There are not only bins for waste paper but also for other types of waste.
      • Other ways to introduce sustainability in the workplace include notices to switch off lights and push taps in toilets to conserve water.
    • The Internet (email) is being used more to send information and documents. This means that less paper is being used.
      • Many companies aim to become paperless in the future.
    • Tourist destinations provide a variety of ways to recycle waste.


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