Superpower Geographies Mind map by Yvette

Brief Summary of useful case studies. Use when revising or planning essays

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  • Superpowers
    • Current superpowers
      • USA
        • Military strength
        • Cultural power e.g. brands and McDonalds
        • Strong economy
        • Large pop
        • Involved in many internationall orgs like UN
      • EU
        • Large economy
        • Strong militaries with nuclear in France
        • Involved in many international orgs like UN
        • Conflicting views and opinions between members
    • Emerging powers = BRICS
      • Russia
        • Oil and gas reserves
          • May run out soon
          • Gives trade with and control  over other countries
        • Strong military
        • Trade and influence with nearby countries
        • Politically unstable
        • Social problems like alcoholism and crime
        • Declining population
      • China
        • Rapidly increasing economy
        • Trade and investment - large manufacturing industry
        • Large population and workforce
        • Investment into African countries like Angola
        • Large military spending budget
        • Military and influence is weaker than USA
      • India
        • Large youthful population - entrepreneurial and innovative workforce
        • Expanding economy and investment - call centres and IT
        • Weak military
        • Many parts still underdeveloped and poor
      • Brazil
        • Regional power
        • Politically unstable - coprruption
        • Large and expanding middle class
        • Low standard of education
        • Leader of biofuels
        • Agricultural power - lots of land and self sufficient in growing crops
        • Economy and military not as strong as USA or China


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