Successes of Prohibition

Outlines the main successes of Prohibition and explains why it lasted so long.

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  • Successes of Prohibition
    • Extent of support
      • Many groups campaigned for Prohibition e.g. the Women's Temperance Union and the Anti-Saloon League
      • The WASPs who supported Prohibition in the Southern States had the most political influence of all groups within society
      • By the end of Prohibition, gangsters supported Prohibition as well
      • Prohibition was only repealed because the government needed the money to help deal with the Depression
    • Achievement of aims
      • 1) Make society more moral
        • Fewer instances of drunkenness and drink-driving
      • 2) Make people drink less
        • Average alcohol consumption fell from 2.6 gallons per year to 1 gallon
        • Alcohol was harder to obtain and the price rises made it less accessible for the working classes
      • 3) Make the workplace safer
        • Fewer workplace incidents


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