Practice Exam Questions on Roosevelt's America for edexcel

Practice exam questions on Roosevelt's America.These questions come up every year in some form or another. If you prepare for all these you'll have covered most topic areas. Historian’s interpretations in this paper are also important. Suitable for A2 History.

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Roosevelt's America 192041
Essay Questions.
New Deal Questions
What, if anything, was new about New Deal?
Assess the range of opposition groups and the success of opposition to Roosevelt's New Deal.
How successful was the New Deal?
Great Depression/Wall Street Crash Questions
Who/what was responsible for the great depression?
Isolationist/Foreign Policy Questions
Why, and to what extent, did the USA adopt isolationist policies in the period following the end
of WW1?
How successful was the foreign policy of the USA in the period 193239?
Prohibition Questions
Prohibition caused more problems than it solved. How accurate is this statement?
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