Impact of First World War on domestic politics

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  • American desire for return to 'normalcy'
    • Impact of First World War on domestic politics
      • Increased federal gov't intervention
        • New agencies created to manage war effort
          • War Industries Board managed rationing and fixed prices
        • Americans pay federal taxes for the first time
        • Sedition Act 1918 silenced anti-war voices
        • 5m men drafted to fight in WWI in 1917
          • It was so unreal that not all Americans believed it
      • Prohibition and Red Scare
    • Americans grow tired of Democrat activism
      • Wilson's 'He Kept Us Out Of War' Campaign Backfires
      • Warren Harding elected president 1920
        • Runs successful 'America First' campaign
        • Recognised concern of falling exports, high unemployement
        • His support for women's suffrage won him votes
        • Republican-owned media and appealing personality won him public opinion


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