Suburbanisation - Newcastle Great Park

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  • Suburbanisation   Newcastle Great Park
    • The growth on outskirts of cities
    • Background
      • Major housing and commercial development built on a Greenfield Site within the greenbelt of Newcastle. In the north of Newcastle next to Gosforth
    • What happened with positives and negatives
      • 2500 homes built. New homes for people. Takes  long time to build and costs lots.
      • 1500 jobs created by Sage. More employment. Job type may only suit certain people
      • 42 hectares of land developed. Will be maintained. Expensive
    • Positive reactions
      • Local business owner
        • Increase in services. Helps businesses. Increase of businesses. Increase of employment
      • London resident
        • Cant afford to live in the inner city. Easy access to city. Commuting is quick and easy
      • Farmer
        • EU no longer supporting farms. Will be able to sell land to the EU
      • Construction company
        • Land otherwise neglected. Increase in work. New homes. Help younger generation have a future
    • Negative reactions
      • Farmer
        • Building will destroy farming community
      • Local resident
        • Trying to escape city life. Decrease open spaces and fresh air. Greenbelt should be used for parks and activities
      • Environmentalist
        • Destroy habitats. Overcrowding. Increase pollution. Reduce biodiversity


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