Human Geography case studies

Inludes all of the case studies needed for the GCSE geography paper 2 human paper. They may not all be the case studies that you are using. I have tried not to create an information overload beause these need to be remembered in the exam so I have stuck to a maximum of  10 points for each case study, including specific data which allows you to access the top marks.

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Human Geography
Case Studies
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Population Management: China (birth control)
Population Management: Kerala (no birth control)
Migration in the EU
Ageing populations: UK
Ageing populations: France…read more

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Population control: china
(with birth control)
O 1 (now 2 if parents are only children)child policy
introduced in 1979 without it 400milion children
estimated to be born
O In 2011 pop over 65 was 9% 2050 expected 29%
O By sticking to the policy parents get 5-10% salary rise and
free childcare
O Rise in female infanticide has created an gender
proportion 142:100 boys: girls
O Spare branches: due to the proportion men that will never
get married (can lead to rape)
O Granny police older women to make sure families are
sticking to the policy
O Little emperors: spoilt children with lack od social skills
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Population Control: Kerala
(with no birth control)
O Kerala is a poor region in India (pop of India 1.1
billion and a birth rate of 22,000)
O In order to lower the birth rate from 6.2 to 2.4 and
slow down population education has been they key
O Improved quality of school and education especially
for girls the literacy rate is now 61%
O Added equality in workplace to help women work
O Prevented young marriages
O Educated people on contraception and family
planning after 2 children sterilisation is voluntary
O Since the education income has risen
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Migration in the EU
O The EU allows free movement and trade
O People in countries in the periphery (Poland
and Romania) often migrate to the core (UK
and Germany) as they offer a higher wage x5
O Many of the migrants send remittance
(money home to family) in 2006 3bilion
were send home to Poland from the UK
O Between 2003 and 2007 Poland's population
fell by 0.3%
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Ageing Populations: UK
O In 2005 over 65s outnumbered under 16s
O People are living longer and needing care by
2026 it is expected cost of care for the elderly will
reach £24bilion
O Retirement ages have increased from 65 to 67
and taxes have been raised
O The younger generation will find it hard to buy
homes generation rent
O Birth rate is 1.66 and needs to be 2.1 to maintain
currently in a natural decrease
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